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Experience both excitement and relaxation when you visit Trinidad and Tobago. Dubbed "T&T," these two islands present a fantastic combination of lazy days on the beach and the hustle and bustle of a Caribbean metropolis. Soak up rays and bond with nature at romantic, sun-kissed Tobago one day, then spend some time enjoying the color, flare, and calypso music in Trindad.

Many travelers choose to stay at the variety of beach resorts and eco-resorts on Tobago, while making day trips to Trindad. The T&T Port Authority offers ferry rides that transfer vehicles as well as people between islands.

Not as busy as nearby Trinidad, Tobago makes the perfect romantic getaway. Spend some time in the capital city of Scarborough, offering the most shops on the island, and bring home some great souvenirs. If you like birds, you will find a paradise on Tobago, where 200 varieties of birds inhabit this island. Be on the lookout for species such as the yellow oriole, scarlet ibis, and the comical motmot. To see a bird sanctuary that attracts even professional ornithologists, visit Speyside in the north and take a boat to an offshore island called Little Tobago.

For some great snorkeling and diving, the well-known Buccoo Reef lies offshore the island's southwest. Take a glass-bottom boat tour and see the coral and fish, or go for a more up close experience and rent some scuba gear. Because the Guyana Current brings nutrients in the water from Venezuela's Orinoco River, a multitude of marine life thrives underwater, making your diving trip a colorful adventure.

Over on the island of Trinidad, don't leave without visiting Port-of-Spain, the bustling capital city and one of the busiest harbors in the Caribbean. Explore the 200 acres of Queen Savannah's Park, complete with soccer, cricket, and rugby fields. See the famous pink and blue Queen's Royal College and the clock tower. Walk a short distance to visit the National Museum and Art Gallery, which presents an impressive exhibit of work by Trinidad artists. Browse the Central Market for an array of colorful wares including silk, crafts, liquors, and the famous Trinidad spices.

Known to locals by names such as "The Greatest Show on Earth" and "The World's Most Colorful Festival," the Carnival in Trinidad presents a spectacle of dazzling colors, costumes, and parties. Beginning right after Christmas, the celebration lasts until Ash Wednesday with festivities raging to the sound of soca music. Book your ticket early to one of the all inclusive parties where thousands of people gather for food, drink, and some wild dancing.

One of the most popular attractions in Trinidad, the Asa Wright Nature Centre presents a lovely 200 acres of plants, trees, and flowers. Find over 200 species of birds including the rare blue-crowned motmot and the nocturnal oilbird. Take a guided hike through the foliage or bird-watch from the inn's veranda. For another birding spot, visit the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, a large swamp bordered by mangrove trees and full of waterways. Look for the scarlet ibis, Trinidad's national bird.

Plan for a dazzling vacation, full of sun, sand, Caribbean music, and sightseeing in T & T. Stimulate your senses with the wild fun of the Trinidad Carnival, then unwind on the lovely beaches of Tobago. Book your trip to Trinidad and Tobago today!

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